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About the Admiral

Who is Admiral Red Beard?


Well you see, Admiral Red Beard is also known as Timothy J Dennison. Hey, that's me!


I have had some form of facial hair ever since I was old enough for it to actually grow.

My first beard was not a planned event. At the time, I had a solo mustache. That changed after spending a weekend in San Diego out in the sun enjoying Sea World and the world famous zoo. You see, I have a very fair complexion and I burn very easily. Well needless to say that my face got so sunburnt that it hurt to shave. So I didn't. That started my first bearded journey. I kept that beard trimmed short because I was working at a bank at the time. I can't remember how long I kept the beard.

After that beard, I played around with the various forms of my facial hair. One of my favorites was when I sported a solo handlebar mustache. That stache was a lot of fun. At the time, they were not very popular and so I kinda stood out from the crowd.

After a while I was longing for another full beard. So in 2012 I started the beard journey that I am currently on. At the beginning, I gave my barber carte blanche as to how to shape it. I had a very sculpted beard. It was short in length and sculpted low on the cheek - similar to what Chris Daughtry used to wear. I liked the look, but the maintainance was too much. So I just let it all grow out. I had no set goal for my beard so I did not keep a record of each month. As it grows, I keep it shaped so that it doesn't look unkempt.

As my beard grew, I started looking into using beard oil and ended up handcrafting my own formula. I offered samples of my beard oil to fellow beardsmen and they loved it as much as I do. That's how I got my business started. Admiral Red Beard was founded November 2014 and is headquarted in Anaheim, California.

Beard care doesn't have to be difficult. You just need to use the right products and take some time to care for it and it will look it's best. That's where Admiral Red Beard comes in. We will offer you quality products along with advice and tips for caring for your fabulous face fur.

You should enjoy growing your beard, it's a great masculine accessory to have.

As the owner of Admiral Red Beard, I hope that you embrace your beard/mustache. Visit us often and let us help you keep it looking spectacular.

For you ladies out there that have a whiskered man in your life, our products make a perfect gift. Help him in keeping his facial hair in prime condition. Not only will he be happy, but you can enjoy it too!


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9944 Hamilton Avenue

Huntington Beach, CA 92646

(855) 888-4058


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